Thursdays 9:30am - 11am

$5 per family

Mini Mornings is a program designed to provide an environment where pre-school children (0-5 year olds) can develop skills to enhance their education through the use of music, rhythm, rhyme, movement, listening and more.

Mainly music is a Christian-based program which operates all over the world. We love mainly music as it provides a positive activity for children and parents/caregivers to enjoy together.


Each session goes for 60-90 minutes and involves:

- The music program (30mins). During this time children and parents have the opportunity to learn, develop and have fun through music.

- Morning tea. Fruit and healthy snacks are provided for the children and tea/coffee and food for parents/caregivers. 

- Play time for children and chat time for adults. Children have an opportunity to enjoy our playground and some toys, while parents/caregivers get the chance to have a chat while continuing to enjoy a drink and some morning tea.

We invite you to come along to mainly music to try it out for yourself. The first session is free!


You may also like to visit the mainly music website at