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2nd August 

LOVE DOES One Another Series - Speak Truth to One Another

Speaker: Ps. Paul Curtis

Paul sets out how we should live as followers of Christ. He reminds us that we are no longer controlled by our sinful nature. Therefore we want our lives to honour God. Now we can help each other do this by speaking the truth in love. However, this can go very badly if both parties have the wrong attitude. The one speaking needs to be gracious and gentle. The one receiving has to be open to instruction for God’s glory. A lot can be gained but a lot can be lost if this isn’t done in a Godly way.

26th July

LOVE DOES One Another Series - Being Humble to One Another

Speaker: Ps. Paul Curtis

The greatest tool that the devil holds is pride. So much damage can be done and often we are unaware of the problem. We can easily justify our sense of superiority. Peter,however talks about caring for people in humility. He says don’t care because you must - but only because you are willing. Humility is the key. Unless we value people the way God does - we will never be able to love one another with true integrity.

19th July

LOVE DOES One Another Series - Honour One Another - Romans 12:9-21

Speaker: Ps. Sean Castle

In this well-known chapter, Paul talks about the transforming of our minds. This is our spiritual act of worship. He then goes on to talk about a life of service. Then in these verses he gives us some wonderful practical ways of how we love one another. To honour God - we honour each other with acts of service and love.

12th July

LOVE DOES One Another Series - Hospitality: 1 Peter 4 : 7-11

Speaker: Ps. Sam Toms

Peter encourages us to use the gifts God has given us. One of the key ones within the church is hospitality. With some creative thinking and the right attitude, this is something we can all do. No one is perfect but you will be a huge blessing to others, because hospitality covers a multitude of sins.

5th July

LOVE DOES One Another Series - Don't Blame One Another

Speaker: Ps. Paul Curtis

When we are doing it tough and things seem to be going against us – James tells us to be patient and stand firm in our faith. He understands that when we are suffering we often take it out on those around us. So he warns us against grumbling and blaming others. We need other people when we are experiencing hardship – so it’s not wise to push them away. We find our rest in God as we enjoy the people he puts in our life.

28th June

I Am Who I Am

Exodus‬ ‭3:14-15‬

Speaker: Ps. Sean Castle

We are in unprecedented times, there’s no doubt, but there is no need for panic because, with every revealed problem, He is the answer... And I believe that God is reintroducing himself to the church as the I AM WHO I AM, The constant in a world that's changing rapidly. The Covenant keeping God. The God of Every moment.... the fulfillment of every promise...the eternal self-existing God, I will be what I will be.... a God who we need, to be in our lives today, right now the church isn’t functioning as we have known it, the economy is uncertain in many ways, and it may seem like the things God has spoken over your life seem so far away or even impossible at the moment... But he isn’t finished with you.. he is working in it all and through it all. “I AM WHO I AM”

21st June

LOVE DOES One Another Series W6 - Motivate One Another to Good Works

Speaker: Ps. Sam Toms

As we draw near to God we come to understand the importance of our church family. God wants for us to encourage each other in our walk with Him. Meeting together at church or life group is a wonderful way to spur each other on to achieve God’s purposes. We are always better together.

14th June

LOVE DOES One Another Series W5 - Build up One Another

1 Thess 5: 1-11

Speaker: Ps. Paul Curtis

When we live in the light - we are open to God’s leading. We are in step with his purposes. However, there are many challenges and distractions. May we encourage each other to make the most of the life that Christ died to give us.

7th June

LOVE DOES One Another Series W4 - Seek Good for One Another - Don’t Repay Evil for Evil

Speaker: Ps. Paul Curtis

We must resist the temptation to repay evil with evil. Why be a victim twice. Rather ask God to bring about an amazing transformation where you actually want the offender to be blessed. Now this isn’t easy and it is beyond all human compassion. But God can do a work in us where rather than wanting them to suffer, we pray for their blessing. Now this not just a huge win for those we pray for, but it is a huge blessing to us as well. Vengeance is like a cancer and it eats away our soul. This is God’s love in action through us. Love Does.

31st May

LOVE DOES One Another Series W3 - Blood Is Thicker Than Water 

Speaker: Ps. Sean Castle

Sometimes we are easily annoyed. At other times people around us can be very annoying. Either way anger is lurking close by. Love Does means an action where we give each other room to fail. We also understand that often our own frustration means we react rather unfairly to those who get in the way. We need to be patient and show compassion. 

24th May

LOVE DOES One Another Series W2 - Protect One Another  

Speaker: Ps. Paul Curtis

We are set free in Christ. Free from our sinful behaviour and its terrible consequences. But we are not free to exploit those around us. At its worst, human behaviour can drive us to destroy people. However, Christ in us, means we can be vessels of His love. Therefore the best of human behaviour, inspired by obedience to the spirit, enables us to love, serve and protect.  

17th May

LOVE DOES One Another Series W1 - Accept One Another

Speaker: Ps. Sam Toms

The thought of Jew and Gentile inheriting the kingdom of God together was offensive to many Jews. But Paul encourages total acceptance because then they can worship God in one voice. God loves that ! After all just as Christ accepts us, so we must accept others. We don’t have to agree on everything but we are the one and same family. Jesus took the imitative to reconcile us both to God and to each other. Love Does means we invest in this great opportunity to be blessed and be a blessing.

10th May

Mark Short Series W4

"Who will roll the stone away"

Speaker: Ps. Paul Curtis

3rd May

Mark Short Series W3

"Not My Strength"

Speaker: Ps. Paul Curtis

26th April

Mark Short Series W2

"Not My Will"

Speaker: Ps. Paul Curtis

19th April

Mark Short Series W1

"Clearing out the Unwanted"

Speaker: Ps. Sam Toms

12th April

Easter Sunday Service 2020

Speaker: Ps. Paul Curtis

10th April

Good Friday Service 2020

Speaker: Ps. Paul Curtis

5th April

LOVE DOES Series Week 8

"A Lifestyle of Compassion"

Speaker: Ps. Sean Castle

Paul teaches us to put on Love and Compassion. For this is the way that God’s children should “dress” Compassion is the motivation behind our love for others. Yet it doesn’t just take place in our minds but it is always evidenced in action. We can have a compassionate heart but it will always be reflected in our lifestyle. Compassion is displayed in and through who we are and what we do. Love is a choice. Compassion makes that choice easier. Therefore it would make sense that we would seek God so that we might put it on.


Coloss 3: 12-17

29th March 

LOVE DOES Series Week 7

"Healthy Heart"

Speaker: Ps. Paul Curtis

Being in harmony with our God and King is key to a life of joy and peace. We are forever His children by faith in Jesus, but there is ongoing growth and maturity that takes places within our heart as we journey with Him day by day. As our relationship develops God creates an integrity within us that draws us to desire a pure heart. It can be a difficult journey with some pain, but the joy that comes is beyond words.


Psalm 51 :1-12